How To Get The Breasts You Have Always Wanted

There are certain activities in which you can engage yourself in to keep your body fit and trim. You can jog, run, swim, involve yourself in yoga or aerobics – the list is endless. As long as you regularly carry out activities that burn enough calories, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight. You should also eat a well balanced diet so that you do not gain back all the calories that you have burnt while exercising.

All this effort, however, cannot help to restore the firmness of your breasts once they have sagged. This is because the breasts do not have muscles but are rather made up of tissues. The tissues that support the breasts are known as Coopers ligaments which lose elasticity with time. A breast lift is therefore the solution that will address your sagging breasts to give you firm shapely breasts.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure in which the breasts are raised by tightening the breast tissues and getting rid of excess skin on the breast. The surgeon reshapes the breasts to give them the desired shape. For instance, if you have breasts that are not similar in shape, they can be reshaped so that they can match each other.

A breast lift is suitable if your nipples are below the crease of your breast. If you have areolas and nipples that face downwards or areolas that are enlarged, then a breast lift can work for you. You can also undergo a breast lift if the skin on your breasts is stretched or if one breast lies lower than the other breast.

How a breast lift is performed?

There are different methods that are used to carry out a breast lift surgery. The method that your surgeon will use will depend on certain issues. Some of these issues include the shape and the size of your breasts as well as the elasticity of the skin on your breasts. The level of droopiness of your breasts and the excess skin will also be considered.

During your consultation, the surgeon will discuss with you the best method of performing the breast lift. You will also discuss about the scar that you will have after the surgery and the anesthesia that will be used on you. It is important to ask about the recovery process so that you can make the necessary arrangements before the procedure.

Techniques Used In Breast Lift

There are different types of incisions that are made during a breast lift. The incision can be made on the upper part of the areola and this is known as the crescent lift. This lift is used to minimally raise the breasts. The peri-areolar lift which is also known as the donut lift is made around the areola. This lift is used to slightly lift the breasts and to reduce the size of an enlarged areola.

The vertical lift is where a scar is made around the areola and then down to the crease of the breast. It is used to get rid of excess skin and to reshape the breasts. The inverted T scar is made around the areola, down to the crease of the breast and along the crease of the breast.