3 Tummy Tuck Surgery Benefits That You Had Not Thought About

A tummy tuck procedure is done mainly to improve the appearance of your abdomen. It becomes especially necessary for women who have had several pregnancies and their abdominal skin is stretched to a point where it cannot go back to its original form. For other people, including men, a tummy tuck is done after severe weight loss.
Once the extra pounds are lost, the skin that had stretched to accommodate the extra fat is left unoccupied. There is usually little that can be done to restore this skin apart from a surgical procedure.
These have been the most common reasons why people go for a tummy tuck surgery. For this reason, it has been considered to be a cosmetic procedure. However, there are other benefits that come with a tummy tuck surgery which have contributed to its appreciation on a larger scale apart from improvement of a person’s appearance. We shall expound on some of them here:


A person’s posture can be greatly affected by the extra weight around the abdominal area caused primarily by the stretched skin. Another factor that can contribute to this abdominal weight is the abdominal muscles which have been weakened.

A medical condition known as “lordosis”, where the posture is negatively affected develops. This condition can also be associated with back pain. The fact that a tummy tuck surgery will get rid of both the excessive skin and help to restore abdominal muscles will help to restore proper posture that is more straightened and eliminate the back pain as well.

Post-Delivery Complications

There are instances where a mother may develop some complications after a normal delivery during childbirth. An example of such a complication is urinary incontinence. It happens where the bladder involuntarily empties itself especially where there is an involuntary body mechanism such as a cough, or a sneeze. A plastic surgeon can correct this problem during a tummy tuck surgery.

A mother may also develop a ventral hernia where the abdominal tissue or sometimes the intestine may be seen to be interfering with the wall of the abdomen. In such a case, a tummy tuck surgery can be combined with a procedure to correct this condition. Thus it is important to ensure that you have a complete examination to ensure that you’re in good health before the surgery so that you can make the most of the opportunity to have a plastic surgeon working on you.

More Effective Exercise

There are many people who have stopped going to the gym altogether. The self-consciousness that comes with having a big belly can discourage you from going to the gym. Furthermore, it is also a possibility that the excess skin and fat can hinder effective exercise.

A tummy tuck surgery can help you to gain your confidence back. And if you are able to adopt a regular exercising schedule, then you will be on your way to good health. Not only will you have the required weight, but you will also have body systems that are working at their optimum level thus ensuring that you are at lesser risk of developing lifestyle related disorders.